The language of the Gnomes is less regular than other languages in Ayen, and proceeds scattershot toward new words. In general, words in Gnomic are kept highly efficient, and it is somewhat possible with diligent study to trace the origins of modern words through their intermediaries. What is recognized by all Gnomes is their common alphabet.

Gnomic Phonemes
Consonants Vowels
d d og a f a ll
g g ain â r ai n
j j ob e m e t
l roi l ê d ee r
n fi n e i l i p
r r ed î f i ght
s s ight o o dd
t ki t e ô m o de
v v ain u m u d
z z ap û f u se

All words in Gnomic are written using these 20 characters, and the Gnomes are quite fond of contracting their language into the densest possible form for communication. It is thus quite a challenge for any outsider to attempt to translate Gnomic writing or even to understand Gnomic speech, and so most translators are actually Gnomes themselves.

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