The Dwarves speak in a harsh and long-winded tongue. Each word stem in Dwarvish is composed of a vowel possibly a preceding and/or trailing consonant.

Vowels: ah, oah, uh, ooh, eh
Consonants: d, f, j, k, n, r, t, z

Dwarvish words are presented as verbs. The noun form of a stem is created by appending “h” to the stem. Adjective forms are created by appending “s”. Possession is shown by appending an “s” to the noun form.

Sample word stems

Verb form Noun form Adjective form
To feel oat Person/Spirit oath Sensate oats
To exist kad The world kadh Real kads
To go away raz That razh Distant razs
To multiply en A group enh Many ens
To glow/shine ud A light udh Bright uds
To rise rot Mountain roth Tall rots

Sample words

English Dwarvish
Dwarf Kadhsoath
Gods Razskadenh
Human Udsoath
Elf Rotsoath

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