Drow Language

The Drow language, much like Elvish, follows a very set formula for the construction of its syllables. There are two major syllabic patterns:

  • The syllable begins with a Weak Consonant, followed by a vowel and another consonant
  • The syllable begins with a Weak Vowel, followed by a consonant
Drow Phonemes
Weak Consonants Strong Consonants Weak Vowels Strong Vowels
b b all d d own a a rk â m i ne
h h ale f ri f e i f i ll î tr ee
l a l oe r r uin u d u b û m u te
m m ask n n ail
j j ump k wa k e
s lo ss z mai z e

Sample Words

English Drow
Sun Ar
Person Mîr
Rain Usmûl

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Drow Language

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