The Drow were created by Zo’ad, in response to the creation of the Elves.

They are like the elves in many respects, but where all elves will eventually die and pass from this world, the Drow, if not slain in battle or injury, are able to hold off death indefinitely. As many Drow are several thousand years old, they are often reluctant to deal with the other races, who, excepting the Elves, have far shorter memories. As a result, many Drow keep to their cities, often located deep underground.

Any antipathy the Drow bear towards the Elves is entirely in response to the Elves’ open hatred of them.

Character Creation Information
Score Adjustments Abilities Characteristics
+1 Dexterity 90% Resistance to Sleep and Charm Spells Height: 6’0" to 7’2" (M); 5’6" to 6’8" (F)
+1 Wisdom +1 to Hit on Bows, Shortswords, and Longswords Weight: 120lb to 225lb (M); 90lb to 150lb (F)
-1 Constitution Full Infravision Hair: White, Silver, Dark Gray, Black
-1 Charisma Secret/Concealed Door Detection Bonuses Skin: Dark Gray to Black, Sometimes with a Bluish Tint
Surprise Bonuses Eye: Grey, Gold, Green (rarely)


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