Character Age

Character aging in this game does not follow the aging categories set up by the AD&D DMG or the 3.5 PHB. Refer to the table below for age categories for characters.

Character Age Categories
Race Child Young Adult Mature Middle-Aged Old Venerable Age Factor
Human 1-14 15-21 22-32 33-49 50-73 74-110 0.4
Halfling 1-15 16-26 27-44 45-73 74-121 122-200 0.5
Gnome 1-17 18-32 33-59 60-109 110-200 201-365 0.6
Dwarf 1-19 20-40 41-81 82-164 165-330 331-667 0.7
Elf 1-21 22-49 50-109 110-244 245-545 546-1215 0.8
Drow 1-24 25-64 65-148 149-364 365-899 900-2215 0.9

Characters whose ages exceed the Venerable tier are Ancient, regardless of the amount by which they exceed it.

Age Factor

The age ranges in the above table are calculated using the formula 10 e ft, where f is the age factor of the race and t is the transition number. t = 1 corresponds to the Child/Young Adult transition, 2 to Young Adult/Mature, etc. Age factors of hybrids (such as Elf/Human) are determined by averaging the age factors in proportion. Thus a quarter-Elf, quarter-Drow, half-Human would be 0.8/4 + 0.9/4 + 0.4/2, or 0.625. Its transitions would occur at 19, 35, 65, 122, 228, and 425, a little longer than a Gnome’s.

Note also that the above table show age ranges for heroic individuals of that race (those whose average of ability scores is above 13). Common people have an age factor 0.5 less than heroic individuals.

Maximum Age

Maximum Age
Roll Result t Value
1 4.25
2 4.5
3 4.75
4 5
5 5.25
6 5.5
7 5.75
8 6
9 6.25
10 6.5

To determine the maximum age of a character, roll 1d6 and add the character’s Constitution hit point bonus to the rolled number, then compare to the table at left. For the purposes of this roll, treat all characters as fighter-type (meaning that they can have a bonus of +3 or +4 at scores 17 and 18).

For characters with super-human constitution, extend the table above, adding 0.25 to the t value with each increase in number. Do the same for characters with a Constitution penalty.

Should the character ever experience magical effects that alter her Constitution score, apply the adjustment in constitution bonus to determine her new maximum age. Do not reroll the d6.

From this table, we can see that a Human character with Constitution 3 would, provided that he somehow lived long enough to die of old age, expire at age 45. By contrast, an Elf with Constitution 18 would live over 1800 years. Remember that Drow have no maximum age.

Magical effects that increase or decrease a character’s lifespan should be applied to this number, but characters will still progress through age tiers normally. Effects that halt character aging, however, such as stasis fields, simply prevent the ‘age’ number on the character sheet from incrementing.

Character Age

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