Weapon Specialization

Weapon specialization is slightly different from the other secondary skills, in that it is not merely a flat +3 across the board to relevant rolls.

Combat Usage

When you choose the Weapon Specialization secondary skill, you distribute the +3 as you choose across three areas: To Hit bonus, Damage bonus, and Speed bonus. Note that the Speed factor of your weapon may not be reduced below 2.


Specialization in the broadsword could produce the following results, if the goal was be more likely to land hits and more likely to take a bite out of the opponent while doing so.

Weapon To Hit Damage (S/L) Speed Factor
Broadsword +0 2d4/1d6+1 5
Broadsword (WP) +2 2d4+1/1d6+2 5

Non-combat Usage

In other situations where knowledge about a particular weapon, such as its market value or quality, could be used, the character receives a +3 bonus to the relevant roll as with other secondary skills.

Weapon Specialization

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