Spell Prep

To gain access to spells, casting classes must spend a certain amount of time preparing them. The below table gives these times:

Spell Preparation Times
Level Time
1 5 minutes
2 10 minutes
3 20 minutes
4 40 minutes
5 1 hour 20 minutes
6 2 hours 40 minutes
7 5 hours 20 minutes
8 10 hours 40 minutes
9 21 hours 20 minutes

Characters who spend less than the required time in preparation will only be able to use spells up to the level that they have spent time for. E.g., if a ninth level magic user is interrupted after half an hour spent in preparation, he would only have access to 1st through 3rd level spells, not his 4th and 5th level ones. To gain them, he has to start the entire process over.

Characters always have access to 0th level spells, and arcane casters do not need to devote spell slots to their preparation.

Divine Casters

Divine casters (Clerics, Druids, Paladins, and Rangers) acquire their spells through committing their own power to gods, through prayer. The gods then grant them access to a portion of their power for casting spells. These spells do not have to be preselected at the time of prayer.

Arcane Casters

Arcane casters (Magic Users and Bards) derive the power of their spells through their own life force. Their preparation time involves committing their own life force into gemstones to be later called out to cast their spells. This requires the caster to preselect which types of spells to use at the time of preparation. A table describing the gemstone requirements for casting is shown below.

Arcane Spell Gemstone Requirements
School Levels 1-3 Levels 4-6 Levels 7-9
Universal Jasper Amethyst Diamond
Abjuration Smoky Quartz Tourmaline Opal
Conjuration Sardonyx Spinel Fire Opal
Divination Rose Quartz Pearl Oriental Amethyst
Enchantment Moonstone Jade Black Sapphire
Evocation Carnelian Garnet Ruby
Illusion Chalcedony Chrysoberyl Emerald
Necromancy Bloodstone Alexandrite Black Opal
Transmutation Zircon Amber Jacinth

Stone Value by Spell Level
Level Value Size
1 10gp Small
2 50gp Average
3 100gp Large
4 100gp Small or Average
5 500gp Average or Large
6 1,000gp Large or Very Large
7 1,000gp Small or Average
8 5,000gp Average or Large
9 10,000gp Large or Very Large

For practical purposes, the magic user is assumed to be carrying sufficient gemstones on his person to power all of his spells, however in certain circumstances, this mechanic could become necessary.

Spell Prep

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