Ruins of Jotred

Twenty years ago, during a battle with the Blackened Ones, the city of Jotred was destroyed in a powerful explosion of unknown origin. Now only ruins remain where a once-powerful city-state stood. Some of the ruins are in better shape than others, though, and many artifacts from the old city remain buried in the rubble.

Scavenger Camps

A group of scavengers, led by the drow Srang Dolodh, have settled semi-permanently in the ruined city, in Zone 14. They stay on high alert, ever wary of those less honorable than they are, but are willing to let other adventurers stay with them while in the area. Their food stock is resupplied every two weeks from the neighboring city-state of Numezar.

Another group, based in Zone 25, is also in residence in the city. Little is known about them.

Before the Battle

Jotred was once a prosperous city-state in the Darran Federation. As the war began, its population was nearing 25,000, making it the fifth-largest city-state in the Federation at that time. The city was made up of five sectors, corresponding to the expansions that had been made in its 1400-year history.

Ruins of Jotred

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