At a Glance

Capital City: Rothiss
Leader: Duj Koroth

Population: 11,200,000
Area: 200,000 sq. mi.

Rothiss a large nation to the north of Eldor and Darran. It is almost entirely encircled by mountain ranges, and seen by scholars as the dominant force in this region of Ayen. Dwarves sit atop the social structure in Rothiss, but due to its large size, many other races are represented to some extent.


Name Population Economy Type Notable Features
Rothiss 90,800 Capital City, Mount Thaurungir
Hakalche 63,500
Ranuwar 55,200

46,900 39,800 35,000 29,700 26,100 22,700 19,700 15,700 13,500 11,000 8,800

Towns and Villages

Name Population Economy Type Notable Features

Notable Locations


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