The six races of Ayen are listed here, with brief descriptions, in the order of their creation.


Zo’mel looked upon the world that he and his fellow elementals had forged from the elemental chaos and saw that it was good, and that the beasts that they had created to give life to the world were serving their purpose. However, he despaired to see that no beings like himself existed in the world, free of its constraints and logic that was instilled in it at its creation.

In secret from the other elementals, Zo’mel brought small seeds of the elemental chaos into the world, and set them into new beings of his design, the elves, who mimicked his form.


Soon after the elves began to spread into Ayen, Zo’ad became aware of their presence, for he felt their mark upon the world in the deaths of the plants and animals they killed for their food. He became jealous of Zo’mel’s creation, and discovered the source of their existence.

He brought into being the drow, alike in form to their creator and ever harboring an antipathy toward the elves, who they feel usurped their rightful place as firstborn.


Zo’rek then learned of the elves and the drow as they began to delve into and mold the earth for their needs. He created the dwarves as guardians of the earth and set them to stand ever watchful over its treasures.





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