At a Glance

Population: 18,400
Area: 302 Acres
GP Limit: 40,000 GP

Power Centers

Noble Lord Nom Eriko
Craftsman’s Guild Thoss Denikar
City Council Jav Morn
Rela Somatsu
Gess Inaka
Tam Eriko
Dorina Grouss

The city-state of Numezar is situated on the east bank of the Shokuno River, in the Darran Plains.

Because of its proximity to Jotred, Numezar has become a base of operations for many salvagers who go on expeditions to the ruins searching for artifacts.


Racial Breakdown

Human 79%
Half-Elf 10%
Elf 5%
Dwarf 3%
Gnome 2%
Halfling 1%


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