In the beginning, the six great Elementals created the world, Ayen, from the Elemental Chaos.

Element Elvish Drow Dwarvish Gnomic Stoutish Mannish Celestial
Time Arlanmoîr Adâzô Aramir Vision of Exquisite Forms and the Genesis of Persistence
Endings Harzhazedlan Arrelan Nascent Edge of the Standing Void
Earth Yîryîdyäar Laôsda Aridar Nexus of the Efficient Cavern of Souls
Air Mermorzhoez Armurzo Reflection of the Vibrations upon a Lake So Dim
Water The Mist that Swam upon the Echo of Chaos
Fire Lôdel Coherent Revision of the Bleeding Suns

Beneath the Elementals stand the Major Gods, who govern great sweeping concepts throughout the world.

Major Gods
Domain Elvish Drow Dwarvish Gnomic Stoutish Mannish Celestial
War The Tower Inviolate above Burning Seas
Love Sparks in the Void between Silent Dreams
Civilization Signature upon the Crest of the Wave
Plants Rays of Amber Cast through a Prism of Leaves
Trade Composition of the Winds
Family The Ivory Archway
Arts The Shape of Dreams
Animals Reciprocation of the Voices
Agriculture The Dawn above the Frozen World
Chaos Chorus of an Infinite Sea of Grass
Death Exquisite Braziers of Cold Ash
Craft The Prism Reflecting Sharp Lights
Weather The Foam Issuing from Cacophonous Tides


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