The Gnomes were created by Zo’ao, at the same time that Zo’she created the Halflings.

The Gnomes were created in a competition between Zo’ao and Zo’she, for each wished to best the other in creating the most successful race. Neither, however, wished to cross into the conflict between Zo’mel and Zo’ad, and so the Gnomes and the Halfings were both made smaller than the Elves and Drow, and even the Dwarves.

Gnomes are, above all, masters of thinking and creativity. They delight in creating complex inventions and puzzles, sometimes for their own amusement, at other times in their constant friendly rivalry with the Halflings, and even, rarely, because they are useful.

Character Creation Information
Score Adjustments Abilities Characteristics
+1 Intelligence +2 to saving throws versus magic Height: 2’10" to 3’6" (M); 2’6" to 3’2" (F)
-1 Strength 60’ Infravision Weight: 40lb to 65lb (M); 35lb to 50lb (F)
Trap Detection Bonuses Hair: Blond, Commonly colored by magic
Skin: Tan, Light Brown
Eye: Blue, Green (rarely)


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