The Elves were the first of the six races to be created, by the elemental Zo’mel. Traditional tellings of the creation story state that the Elves came to be at the summit of Mount Oinlaaryen. The pure, clean air at the mountaintop led to the Elves’ hereditary desire for clean air wherever they are.

Years wear very slowly on the elves, and as the oldest race they feel the strongest connection to the world. For these reasons, the elves are hesitant to risk their lives for those of the other races, whom they regard as lesser copies of themselves.

Elves are especially disdainful of the the Drow, who they see as dark shades of themselves.

Character Creation Information
Score Adjustments Abilities Characteristics
+1 Dexterity 90% Resistance to Sleep and Charm Spells Height: 6’0" to 7’2" (M); 5’6" to 6’8" (F)
-1 Constitution +1 to Hit on Bows, Shortswords, and Longswords Weight: 150lb to 225lb (M); 90lb to 150lb (F)
60’ Infravision Hair: White, Blond, Silver
Secret/Concealed Door Detection Bonuses Skin: Fair
Surprise Bonuses Eye: Blue, Green, Grey


Sky Elves

The Sky Elves dwell high above the ground whenever possible, taking their brethren’s love for the air to near its limit. Their cities are frequently located on the slopes of mountains, or sometimes at sea, where the air its crispest.

Characteristics: Heightened vision

Wood Elves

Wood Elves live, as their name suggests, in the forests of Ayen, desirous of the clean air filtered through the trees.

Characteristics: Heightened hearing

Sea Elves

Sea Elves are something of an outlier among the Elves, for their cities do not directly contact the air of the world. Rather, they live in immense constructions of coral beneath the surface of the ocean, and that very coral acts to draw air out of the waters around them.

Characteristics: Heightened taste

Sand Elves

The Sand Elves are the least frequently encountered of the sub-races of Elves, because they live nomadically on the great deserts of Ayen. It is their belief that the sands of the deserts draw ill vapors from the air into the ground.

Characteristics: Heightened touch

Hill Elves:

Hill Elves are commonly encountered by travelers, for they make their cities on the hills found throughout otherwise unremarkable plains and grasslands of Ayen. Of the Elves, these are also the most welcoming of outside races, for their positioning keeps them in near constant contact with bedraggled adventurers looking to secure rest for the night.

Characteristics: Heightened smell


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