The Dwarves were created some time after the Drow, by the elemental Zo’rek.

The Dwarves were created as protectors of the world, after Zo’rek saw that the Elves and Drow took from it to satisfy their needs, with little regard to the lesser beings that, chiefly by his hand, had been placed their at the world’s outset.

Over time, the Dwarves have grow to see the world as their charge, and thus are suspicious of the other races’ uses of it (frequently seeing them as abuses), but are ever insistent that their actions are always harmonious with the world.

Character Creation Information
Score Adjustments Abilities Characteristics
+1 Constitution +2 to saving throws versus magic or poison Height: 4’0" to 4’8" (M); 3’8" to 4’4" (F)
-1 Charisma Infravision 60’ Weight: 120lb to 225lb (M); 100lb to 150lb (F)
Hair: Black, Gray, Brown, Red (rarely)
Skin: Tan, Light Brown
Eye: Brown, Black


Each sub-race of dwarves stewards a particular domain of the world. Their skin tones shift slightly to correspond to the element they watch over, and each is able to gauge the quality of a particular location by tasting their specific element.

Gray Dwarves

The Gray Dwarves dwell underground, caring for the mineral wealth of the world.

Characteristics: Full Darkvision, Mining skills, Unaccustomed to bright light

Green Dwarves

Green Dwarves are caretakers of the forests of Ayen, ever watchful for abuses perpetrated by the other races against the trees.

Characteristics: Woodland skills, Empathic communication with animals

Red Dwarves

Of all the kinds of dwarves, Red Dwarves are the least sociable. They frequently travel alone, but are known to associate more with members of the other five races than with their own kind, and as a result are looked down upon by dwarven society in general. Red Dwarves watch over the wide expanses of plains and desert across Ayen.

Characteristics: No charisma penalty

Blue Dwarves

Often called the “Ocean Fathers”, Blue Dwarves sail the seas of the world, watching for crimes perpetrated against the waves.

Characteristics: Seafaring skills, Empathic communication with marine life

Brown Dwarves

The Brown Dwarves result from intermarriage between dwarves of different sub-races. They may have some or none of the specific traits of either parent, and are generally looked down upon by the conservative, caste-based Dwarven society, even more so than the Red Dwarves. Because of this, many Brown Dwarves emigrate to regions controlled by other races, and attempt to integrate into their societies. Most half-dwarf children have a Brown Dwarf as a parent.


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