Darran Federation

At a Glance

Capital City: Heohir
Leader: Nora Kemenir

Population: 9,000,000
Area: 150,000 sq. mi.

Poltical Structure

The federation is made up of eleven city-states, each operating semi-autonomously in its locale. The city-states send three representatives each every two years to the capital city of Heohir, to settle matters that involve multiple city-states. The representatives also elect a leader, the Designate, who leads the Federation for six years at a time from the Designate’s Palace in Heohir.

The Designate appoints several officials to manage the Federation, among them the Lord Pecuniar, who manages the treasury, the Lord General, who manages the armies, and the Lord Ambassador, who manages foreign affairs.


Name Population Economy Type Notable Features
Zodara 202,000 Trade Coastal, Zodara River, Yitsu River, Great Southern Road
Heohir 75,300 Trade Capital City, Lake Miura
Kengu 40,100 Trade Lake Frenhas
Sorien 28,200 Craft Tatheo River, Brynha River
Lapis 23,100 Craft Brynha River
Numezar 21,400 Trade Shokuno River, Great Northern Road
Syrene 16,300 Craft Oada Forest, Moare River
Ngara 14,300 Agriculture Coastal, Modreo River, Great Southern Road
Orodynn 12,100 Craft Himar Mountains, Great Southern Road
Crimol 10,200 Agriculture Yemeo River
Parsha 8,900 Agriculture Parsha River, Great Northern Road

Towns and Villages

Notable Locations

Darran Federation

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