Blackened Ones

The Blackened Ones appeared thirty-seven years ago in the Northern Wastes. Little is known of their origins.

Osmanus of Syrene

In his desperation at the onrushing tide of the armies of the Blackened Ones toward his city, Syrene, a human priest of Mel’iza named Osmanus prayed to the elemental Zo’mel for guidance as to the origin of the Blackened Ones, disregarding the ancient tradition to never pray directly to an elemental.

Osmanus received a vision from Zo’mel of the Blackened Ones coalescing in the elemental chaos and entering our world in the Northern Wastes. Zo’mel spoke to him the truth of the Blackened Ones, and how the elementals and gods could not intervene to stop them for fear of unleashing an open battle with other powerful beings in the chaos.

After this vision, Osmanus awoke, alone, in the Edrone Desert. He traveled for six days to the village of Otro, then communicated what he had learned to that village’s priest before dying of dehydration.

Blackened Ones

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