Tag: Game Concepts


  • Spell Prep

    To gain access to spells, casting classes must spend a certain amount of time preparing them. The below table gives these times:

  • Character Age

    Character aging in this game does not follow the aging categories set up by the AD&D DMG or the 3.5 PHB. Refer to the table below for age categories for characters.

  • Character Creation Guide

    Your character is the avatar you will take into the world of Ayen, and he or she will be shaped both by the decisions you make now and those you make during the game. Don't feel pressured to have everything completely figured out at the start of the …

  • Weapon Specialization

    Weapon specialization is slightly different from the other secondary skills, in that it is not merely a flat +3 across the board to relevant rolls. h3. Combat Usage When you choose the Weapon Specialization secondary skill, you distribute the +3 as …