A book detailing information about the Drow Kingdom of Englor, as it relates to the war with the Blackened Ones


This book is written primarily in Drow. It’s organization is haphazard, almost as though it was created simply by the author adding information as it became available and only making weak attempts to systematize it. The book is 100 pages long.

Important Information
Description Page Notes
Typical Drow city design 1
Map of the Planes of Mimdir 9 Labeled in Drow and Darran
Fall of Dukehd 12
Fall of Choras 16
Weather events prior to invasion 25
Fall of Nagzil 26
Englor political/military structure 27
Chrysalis 29
Location of Drow Refuges 38
Connections to Yordhein 41
Sealing of the Ways South 50
Tactical significance of the fall of Englor 55
Fall of Imhanar 61
Works left in Library of Dukehd 62
Supply lines critical to war effort 64
Rumors of a Great Shadow in Dukehd 65
Tales of fell beasts emanating from the ruined Drow cities 68
Vulnerabilities in Drow defensive tactics 69
Prophecy 71 Written in Deific
Goldhilts 79
Drow armory at Modashan 85 Modashan is not on map
Whereabouts of the Englor senate 86
Whereabouts of the Englor royal family 87
Outpost at Bitra 98


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