Summer 2011, Session 3

The players continued to explore the castle, finding some fine garments and jeweleries.

OOC Notes
  • 150 player points were awarded to Clay, Dave, Mack and Peter for attendance and showing up on time. 50 player points were awarded to Mack for contributing to the Session 2 adventure log.


Exploration was, for the most part, more of the same. The party decided to begin the search at the fifth (?) floor of the castle. Fubar displayed an unusually strong enmity against beds, destroying a number of them throughout the rooms explored. Save for the loot, most of the exploration turned up uninteresting results, but near the end of the session, the party encountered a pile of rubble which turned out to be an illusion.

Summer 2011, Session 3

Behind the illusion were four enemies, whose appearance heralded the end of the session. A fighter, a magic-user, another fighter (?), and a rogue (?).
Throughout the exploration, various boxes with unnaturally colored diamonds were discovered, each set in a box whose top was marked by six dots. The only exception was the black (?) box, which contained no matching diamonds. However, the boxes were found beneath a large amount of clothing in a crate – the black box was in a drawer above another drawer filled with clothing, which Paleps failed to search.

Summer 2011, Session 3

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