Summer 2011, Session 1

Points of Interest
  • The players began as the guards for a supply caravan to Srang’s scavenger camp in Zone 14 of Jotred. They had been scavenging the city together for almost a year up to this point.
  • As the caravan entered Zone 14, they were ambushed by members of a rival group, located in Zone 25. The players were able to defend against the ambush, but received some much-needed assistance from Jamar and Doth. Two of the drivers and an ox were slain in the battle, however.
  • Paleps, with the assistance of Lerik, performed burial rites for the dead scavengers.

OOC Notes
  • 100 player points were awarded to Clay, Dave, Mack and Peter for attendance. 50 player points were awarded to Dave for showing up on time. 50 player points were awarded to Peter for performing burial rites after the battle. 50 player points were awarded to Mack for submitting a character portrait.
  • 1500 experience points were awarded each to Dunn, Fubar, Paleps, and Yelena for defeating the ambush.



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